ELC: Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work as a Black Woman– Unpacked

March 7, 2018 ELC Institute Fellow L. Michelle Smith pens an article for BlackEnterprise.com titled, “Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work as a Black Woman – Unpacked.” The article features a Q&A with four high-powered black female executives, all of whom are ELC members, each giving their perspectives on what it takes to bring your authentic self to work as a black woman in the workplace. Smith’s Q&A…

Is Employee Advocacy at Odds with Building Your  Personal Brand?

Within the past several years, companies have adopted digital employee advocacy as a way to harness the power of their workforce for low-cost, high-impact marketing, sales and recruiting. Let’s face it, if you have even a dozen or more employees, it can be a powerfully compelling force for outreach. If you have hundreds of thousands of employees bought into one of the many digital platforms like Social Chorus,…

#WomenInTech 4-Part Series Talks Public Relations in Tech with L Michelle Smith

Frank talk about her career.journey, mentorship, public relations, tech and social media and inclusion in marketing in four parts…in the AT&T Business #WomenInTech series. This is part 1.   Part 2 looks at the importance of social media as technology advances in PR and Marketing…and a little about Artificial Intelligence. Part 3 gets personal, with a conversation about my daughter, being authentic and a little about inclusion. Part…

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