Ep 9: #DearSummerG with Summer Galvez

Ep 9: #DearSummerG with Summer Galvez

While the Women in the Workplace study from McKinsey and the LeanIn organization call black women “double outsiders,” these women of color are creating their own spaces with entrepreneurship.  Meet one of my kindred spirits who has carved out a niche with her own marketing and web design agency…and a new project that she announces exclusively on our show.  It’s what spurs a whole conversation between the two of us about social media and relationships.

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Lunch is on me…but you’ll walk away with new relationships, a guide that details how to own every room you walk into and others you may never see, but most importantly, you’ll leave with your head up high and ready to go back to work in a brand new way.   If you are in the Dallas/FW area, join me for this Coach & Go LIVE group session exploring executive presence in the digital age, and own your awesome!