Some Conversations are Simply Soulfood

I had a wonderful  chat with career coach Trudy Bourgeois who is the CEO of the Center for Workforce Excellence (CWE). She poured into me at the The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) Strategic Pathways sessions at their leadership week a few years ago, and it was life changing.  You will get to meet her in March when we kick off our “Authentically SHE” Series for Women’s History Month. …

EP 11: Women: Empowered by our Roots Pt 2 with Miko Branch

This is a very candid and authentic conversation with my new friend @mikobranch cofounder of @miss_jessies about courage, entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment. The hardships that come with owning your own business are sometimes silent lessons that no one goes through but the owner. Find out where she and her sister TiTi drew their strength, and learn what advice she has for upcoming and striving bosses. Oh, yes, and……

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