A Lesson in Ownership at UNT

A Lesson in Ownership at UNT

This week has been something!  3 speaking opps in 5 days has been a whirlwind, but a blessing.  But I have to say that there was only one moment that topped them all. In this Media Ownership Class @mayborn.unt, I had the opportunity to add to my story thanks to something that happened that very same morning at my day job. 

It was a pleasure to introduce myself as the CEO of @nosiloscommunications because when I got to the climax of my speech to share the salient reason why they should explore ownership as not just an option as an entrepreneur but also an employed worker, I was able to demonstrate why it was so important based on what had unfolded just that morning. 

Yes, the average company only employs people for 3 years. Yes, that is driven by the digital age and companies’ needs to scale and skinny.  Yes, Millennials and Centennials are demanding more faster so they job hop. 

But you see, I’m now also currently exploring my options both inside my day job and outside because I was notified on Monday that my position along with many others was eliminated.  I was able to stand tall in my truth because I was, in that very moment, walking my talk. I told them to always be excellent because I had and never would be caught flat footed and to always have options… because I do. 

That is my truth as well.  Stunned, at my cold, hard truth and the sheer proximity to that news… they just stared at me….but they heard me. 

This rich conversation about how to monetize the Internet in their back pockets with mobility was one that I hope this group never forgets. 

So yes, this extrapreneur is on the market.  I could get snapped up inside the company, or outside of the company. Either way, it’s good to leave an indellable mark on one of the most admired brands on the planet because of something I built from scratch, made some incredible relationships, met and worked with many of you along the way and did some bad-ass, award winning work with some incredible, passionate teams and people that I call family, and it is also awesome to look forward to my destiny…and still, it is a destiny that I own. 

Right now, I’m still at AT&T… it will be amazing to see what’s next!

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