Ep 16: The Love Episode: Mr. Know Your Worth, Aaron Jordan, Jr.

Our Valentines Day episode explores online dating, relationship coaches and how the Internet is facilitating and influencing how we date and interact with each other around the topic.  Aaron Jordan Jr is a veteran marketer and radio personality who has parlayed his knack for giving relationship advice into a career in speaking and writing books.  He says his work is divinely inspired.  Get to know “Mr. Know Your……

Ep 15: Light up the Internet: A Conversation about Race with Risha Grant

One question. Just one question on Facebook, and Risha Grant saw a firestorm light up on every social media feed that she has.  What got everyone so fired up?  Nothing fires up social media like a conversation about race.  We’re going to have one on this episode, and it isn’t for the faint of heart.  No one is spared.  We only have one request, and that is that……

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