LinkedIn Reviews Episode 18 of TCSP with John Graham

LinkedIn Reviews Episode 18 of TCSP with John Graham


Written by Anthony Monroig

Happy Friday Everyone! This week’s podcast recommendation takes us to L. Michelle Smith. She is an author, speaker and leader who has a podcast called The Culture Soup Podcast, which features interviews with some of the most innovative names in tech, business and culture.

In this week’s episode she interviews John Graham Jr. he is the Global Employer Brand and Recruitment leader for Amgen and coins himself as an Employee Brand philosopher and authenticity activator, what a cool designation! One of the subjects that John dives into was the impact of launching an employee advocacy program, via LinkedIn’s Elevate Platform.

LinkedIn Elevate is an employee advocacy and content platform that helps equip employees with a ready stream of relevant content that drives organizational alignment, brand awareness and social prowess.

“As an employer brand philosopher, this is a goldmine. The one I’ve seen do it the best is LinkedIn’s Elevate.” – John Graham Jr.

 Some of the highlights from that conversation:

  • The “aha” moment for John on deciding to go with LinkedIn Elevate, versus some other competitors, was that all of the recruiters within his organization already had a heavy presence on LinkedIn, so it made sense to keep it within the ecosystem.
  • John’s biggest takeaway from using the Elevate platform; he learned about how and what motivates his fellow employees to share content.
  • The content being shared by employees should have a blend and not be self-serving or just about your organization.
  • People don’t care about your brand, they care about their self-interests.
  • An employee advocacy program adds to your talent attraction and retention efforts.
  • Before launching his corporate advocacy program the LinkedIn Elevate team was able to work with John, looked at his company page followers versus the first-degree connections of every employee at the company and saw a difference of 400,000 to 4,200,000 (a more 10X reach that was being missed).
  • The cost of losing an employee versus retaining them.

Hope you all enjoyed this review. I encourage you to check out the entire podcast episode here;

Originally posted to LinkedIn March 1, 2019.

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