Ep 28: Hacking Social Media’s Blurred Lines with Dr. Dina Strachan

Ep 28: Hacking Social Media’s Blurred Lines with Dr. Dina Strachan

THE FAKERY! Yes, the light drives out the darkness like authenticity drives out the falsities—- even on social media. Did you know that there are doctors who are not MDs trying to sell medical services? Did you know there are eye doctors taking derm patients? It’s a wonderful day to get butchered in the name of aesthetics if you aren’t looking out for yourself. Dr. Dina Strachan is a Board-certified, Harvard and Yale educated medical doctor and dermatologist in NYC. She is the real deal, and she is committed to pointing out the blurred lines on social media when it comes to her profession. She will share some advice on how to diss out the fakery before you’re fooled. She has also written a best-selling book on entrepreneurship for doctors and derms and anyone else setting up a private practices (… nudging all my #coach friends) She is also my friend. Listen to our chat on Thursday on @theculturesoup!

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