Ep 32: Owning The Influencer in You with Cher Jones

Ep 32: Owning The Influencer in You with Cher Jones

Did you know that you have influence? No, I didn’t confuse you with that person in your newsfeed who is always hashtagging the word “ad” in exchange for dollars from some brand. I’m telling you that you have social real estate…social capital that you should take seriously. Don’t want to take it from me? Take it from LinkedIn heavy-weight, social media trainer and personal branding expert Cher Jones. She a fellow LEAD360 faculty member who will be speaking at the Combine June 6-7. I met Cher virtually on LinkedIn while she was sharing some killer content about this very topic. She’s a woman after my own heart because she walks the talk. You’ll want to hear what she has to say about owning your personal brand on this Thursday’s episode of The Culture Soup Podcast™️.

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