Ep 47: The NABJ Episode: A Lesson in Personal Branding from a Journalist

Ep 47: The NABJ Episode: A Lesson in Personal Branding from a Journalist

He’s a “Daddy on Duty 365” by day and a TV news anchor by night. I’m talking about Shannon LaNier, Houston’s CW39 main anchor, and I was so glad to see him again in Miami at NABJ19. He’s being celebrated as a doting, dedicated but most importantly involved dad who captures his parenting shenanigans with is three beautiful kids while his wife works by day. Needless to say the 60 second Instagram videos get a LOT of attention. His most popular ones: where he is struggling to do his girl’s hair…and by the way, he’s getting pretty good at it. This is Internet culture at its best, and proof positive that you can have a personal brand that renders you even more authentic than you might be if you were JUST doing your job. I talk with Shannon about the impact of doing one thing right and consistently on social media and how it makes your online footprint more human and ultimately results in rich opportunities. Tune in on Thursday for this awesome conversation with my friend, fellow National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) member, and yes, my brother, yet again from Alpha Phi Alpha. The Culture Soup Podcast®️ airs every Thursday wherever fine podcasts stream. tech business

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