Ep 53: Of Easter and The Internet with Munson Steed

Ep 53: Of Easter and The Internet with Munson Steed

It’s Easter, ya’ll! Especially when it comes to the resurgence and resurrection of black media in the digital age. The Internet has breathed new life into some of the older names in the media landscape and given birth to the younger players in the game. But you need to know strategy to survive, according to Rolling Out publisher and media titan Munson Steed. And these consumers are on the hunt for the good stuff. If you can produce great content on the many platforms where they frequent and socialize it he says, you can win. Sage advice from one of the best in the business, on the next episode of The Culture Soup Podcast®️. It airs Thursday wherever fine Podcasts stream. Download, share and tell a friend! We are now #11 on Apple Podcasts’ Business/Entrepreneurship Category and rolling strong into our year anniversary!

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