NSC Executive & Business Coaching Introduces Group Coaching for 2020

NSC Executive & Business Coaching Introduces Group Coaching for 2020


Sometimes, we reach higher together.

That’s the concept behind group coaching.  Not only do you have the professional guidance of a certified executive and business coach, you also have the opportunity to co-create with peers seeking similar progress in their business and careers.  All together, you get speed, accountability and clarity for your goals.

New for 2020, NSC Executive & Business Coaching introduces group coaching.  No matter where you are, you can attend these sessions.  Each group will include between 5-15 individuals, aligned based on their interests.  NSC will align the group coaching as it does its extremely popular cohorts:

We have three tracks.

  • #BOSS  business coaching for entrepreneurs and small business owners
  • Transitions career coaching for any professional looking to shift gears in their career.
  • Leadership executive coaching for professionals looking to become rockstar leaders.

Our coaching groups meet by video conference weekly, for 50 minutes at a time, for 3 months. That’s about 12 sessions, 4 per month.  You will meet exclusively with your group and with myself.

You may be thinking:  “Why should I join NSC Group Coaching?”

Well, your “why” may be personal.

Something like

  • you may want to grow your business by X by next year
  • you may be eyeing a new role within your company
  • you may be considering entrepreneurship
  • you might want to button up your executive presence or polish your personal brand
  • you may want to find a new job
  • you may want to switch up your career a bit

The list goes on, and we can work on all of that and more.

But did you know that

  • Group coaching is less than the investment of a 1:1, 3-month coaching engagement?
  • Group coaching creates community and provides more chances to network  with your coaching circle
  • Group coaching provides FREE downloads of all of your coach’s digital content, including ebooks, webinars, articles and more
  • Group coaching allows you access to the online community of NSC Clients, cohorts and mentees in an always-on manner

Sign up today.  You will form long-lasting ties, build your network, set some amazing goals and smash them with this program, and I can’t wait to see you online.

This program is a value at only $1400.

Early bird registration is $200 off at $1200,

but you will need to register before January  8, 2019.

Reserve your spot today for only $50.

Or, reserve your spot for $50, and book a free consultation with myself all at once.

We have flexible payment arrangements!


I can’t wait to get moving with you.  We will kick off the groups Feb 3, 2020.


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