Ep 102: The Revolution in the Workplace with LaFern Batie

Ep 102: The Revolution in the Workplace with LaFern Batie

Part 2 in my series What Does the Civil Rights Movement Mean for the Workplace? continues tomorrow with a very special guest.
Lafern K. Batie and I met last March outside Atlanta, Georgia at the CaPP Institute coaching intensive. She was one of my trainers, and in our first interaction, we became fast friends. I consider her to be one of my mentor coaches because she taught me a lot of what I know today. She is also a personal and executive coach who specializes in leadership and business strategy, and I had the pleasure of speaking to her about how she is advising leaders at this key moment in time.

If you think this movement is simply about policing and murder in the streets, think again. It is about systemic racism which permeates every institution in our society, and while we are in this window, it’s time for those of us with the ability to impact leadership to counsel corporate leaders on how to change things for the better in the workplace.
Find out what LaFern has to say about it when we get down to brass tax on The Culture Soup Podcast®️. We also cover what black professionals should be thinking about and doing right now. You may be surprised at what secrets you may not know and keys to getting exactly what you want… and we don’t hold back. Listen tomorrow at noon wherever fine podcasts stream. #tech#culture #business

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