Get a rockstar leadership mindset and fashion to match 👠
What is a rockstar leadership mindset with the swag to go with?  Let's rebuke the status quo together, and lead. It's our time, and here is the ultimate affirmation to get you through:  branded apparel. Wearables launch FRIDAY from my website. Some items from Youth sizes up to 4XL.... because all the queens and queens-to-be need one or two of these.  We even have a unisex t-shirt and a…
BONJORO: How an executive coach increased conversions by 10% on high-ticket sales

When you are talking about elite performers, from executives at CNN to leaders at Microsoft, where do they go when they hit a plateau? Typically we look to our organization’s leaders when we feel stuck… But what if you are the organization’s leader? Well, then you might just want to connect with L. Michelle Smith. L. Michelle is a pioneering executive coach, CEO of No Silos Communication and her accolades could fill…

What Does Rappers Delight have to do with Rockstar Leadership?

Sis, we have rockstar leadership qualities in our DNA. We simply need to tap into them! Sylvia Robinson demonstrated all the qualities, and most people don’t know her story. She took hip-hop mainstream when she produced Rappers Delight in one take in her makeshift home studio with talent plucked the same day from a pizza joint. It was the first commercial rap single to hit the airwaves. We…

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