Knowing Your Why is Jetfuel to Extraordinary Leadership

Knowing Your Why is Jetfuel to Extraordinary Leadership

Are you stuck telling people what you do? It’s probably why you aren’t attracting the people and opportunities that will solidify you as an extraordinary leader. Share your why instead for a more powerful impact.

Brands make this mistake all the time. They share what their product does before they ever get to the purpose… the why behind it all…the value it provides.

People follow you because they see themselves in you or a a solution to a need they have in what you provide. What is it that you believe? What are your values? When others align their values with your own, you’ve not only got a new client, a new customer, a new employer, you’ve got believers.

What’s your gospel, Sis?

Someone once said MLK said “I have a dream” not “I have a plan.”

Are you allowing yourself to dream? Are you sharing what kind of reality you dream of? What you believe in? And are you telling them the stories that will inspire and motivate them intrinsically?

Need help defining your True North, your Why your Purpose and articulating it so that people get it?

Message me. It’s what I do, and be sure to get my new book No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself that unravels the exercises that uncover your why and your value.

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