Carve out some dedicated time for your goals once a day

Carve out some dedicated time for your goals once a day


High performing executives are so busy killing it for everyone else, that many times they forget to direct that same energy into goals for themselves.

Try carving out 20 minutes a day to focus on those things that will move you forward, and see what a difference it makes.

Sign up for the NSC Spring Cleaning Group Coaching that kicks of Monday, April 12, 2021. We’ll take a look at clearing out the cobwebs that are blocking your forward motion.

The program includes:
* Benchmark assessments to zero in on your strengths and perceptions of others.
* 8-point work-life integration exercise
* Take stock and take action tools
* Energy zapper zappers
* Procrastination killer activation
* Business relationship detox
…and more

Grab a colleague or a friend to sign up for this spring refresh. Recharge, re-center and re-affirm yourself in time to attack the second half of 2021 with a renewed commitment to your wellness and success.

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