Southern Dallas Magazine Covers No Thanks, The Remix

“Even in the midst of a pandemic, there is an opportunity to raise your voice, to make the request and to make the demand. Just look around you–from Stacy Abrams to Keisha Lance Bottoms, and even in Texas where there are now more black women in judge’s seats than ever. The power in this movement is amazing.”   Thank you, Southern Dallas Business & Living Magazine for sharing…

No Thanks, The Remix Now Available Exclusively on Amazon

When I decided to release a bonus edition, I thought about everything that had happened in our world since Aug 2020 when #NoThanks was first released and what learnings and coaching I could provide to my sisters that was relevant to what was happening in the world. I also took into consideration what I was hearing from readers. After hosting two twelve-week bookclubs, speaking to hundreds of professionals…

Who is standing in the way of your happiness?

“If only this person would stop…“If only that person would let…“If only my company did…I could be happy.” Really? But this is how many of us think. I had to shift my mindset to understand that I was the only person standing in the way of my happiness. Sis, you can’t even blame your ex. Why is this important? Happy people are successful people. You want to be…

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