L. Michelle Smith

📕It’s #NoThanks FREE GEAR FRIDAY! 📕

I’m gifting THREE free #nothanks protective masks today only for three random folks who go to nothanksbook.com and buy a paperback of No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself. Say #NoThanks to community spread while you make a statement about leadership and inclusion. These breathable, comfortable, protective masks will make a fashion statement while you keep yourself, colleagues and sisterfriends safe. I love the stretchiness of them. Get the signed, paperback…

Engage the 80:20 Rule for Employee Advocacy

  Filling your #Linkedin timeline with “corporate rah rah?” …and that’s a good look for whom, again, Sis? It’s time to do better. Your #nscrockstarleadership tip of the day is to leverage the 80:20 rule for employee advocacy, because it really is a win-win for you and your company. Over rotate, and you’ve just squandered your social media real estate…and for companies that have a far bigger marketing budget than you do.…

Want to be a Rockstar Leader?  Be Genuine.

Want to lead like a rockstar? Be genuine. Do you really want to be mistaken for the devil on the floor? You know, the one who wears Prada and never gives eye contact? Be aloof, and whether you are really a good person or not, we’ll never know. It’s the old corporate mindset: be removed, cold, unaccessible. The rockstar leaders that you can identify have pushed through that.…

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