L. Michelle Smith

Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work As a Black Woman — Unpacked (Part 1)
So you want to be your authentic self in your corporate job. You have a photo of Bozoma Saint John as your screensaver. She is #goals. But the data about how to break through like the chief brand officer of Uber is daunting, to say the least. Late last year, McKinsey & Co., along with LeanIn.Org released their annual Women in the Workplace study, and there seemed to be…
Why the digital divide between Latinos, whites is almost closed

By Ellen Meyers, Staff Writer The internet use gap between Latinos and whites is almost closed, as more immigrants and Latinos who speak predominantly Spanish are going online, according to a national study released Wednesday. The share of Latinos using the internet has increased from 64 percent in 2009 to 84 percent in 2015, according to a Pew Research Center report that surveyed 1,500 Latinos. Whites’ internet usage…

L. Michelle Smith explains why Rev. Run and Justine fit #InspiredMobility

By Nina Chantal L. Michelle Smith is a consumer insight expert who is blazing a trail for diversity in one of the most respected Fortune 10 companies. As the director of public relations in AT&T’s global marketing organization, her involvement in AT&T’s #InspiredMobility campaign comes as no surprise. Rolling out was able to talk with Smith and understand how Rev. Run and his wife Justine Simmons perfectly align…

Brands Drive Consumer Engagement

By Lisa Chau, Contributor Earlier this month, I attended the afternoon sessions of the Brand Innovator Summit held during Social Media Week in New York City. Ted Rubin chaired the event, which focused on how Brands Drive Consumer Engagement. Below, I’ve summarized the highlights of each session — Senior Brand Director at Heineken, Quinn Kilbury told the audience that whatever a brand is doing, it must be useful.…

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