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Game time!  AT&T + WNBA Changemakers: She’s Connected highlights

Here are the takeaways I shared with some players from the WNBA for today’s #ShesConnected session for AT&T. 🏀 Know your YOU, your one thing and know who you want to attract 🏀 Speak their pain points and passions. That will attract them like bees to honey 🏀 Your brand is the intentional experience you create 🏀 Personalize and speak to one. The masses will see, relate and…

LMS Partners with Video CRM Bonjoro

How are you staying connected with your community of clients and prospects? I mean, beyond that email newsletter they’ve gotten so use to that they rarely open? I mean, beside the notes that come from your CRM platform? How are you surprising and delighting them? What are you doing that is just for them and no one else? If you are wondering how to get people to open…

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