Ep 51: #TakeMeBackTuesday: The Coaching Corner, #3 with L. Michelle Smith

I’m off today.  I’m still celebrating my birthday, but I wanted to take you back to one of my favorite episodes where a listener volunteered for laser coaching.  We also shared a replay of the Women’s Opera Network webinar on networking.  A rich discussion on both ends.  Enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window | Download Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Ep 48: #ThrowbackThursday: Writing, Speaking and Inspiring With Valorie Burton

This week, I dig into the crates to uncover a gem of a conversation between me and my girlfriend Valorie Burton.  It’s a throwback to Ep 17 in February.  It’s worth a revisit as you read her new book It’s About Time: Placing the Meaningful Over the Urgent.  Enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window | Download Podcast: Play in new window | Download

2020 NSC Executive & Business Coaching Spring Cohorts OPEN for Signup

Quietly, a group of small business owners and corporate executives have been gathering over the past year as a part of a NSC Coaching Cohort program.  The professionals, from all parts of the country and even Canada, various industries and companies, have been honing skills, identifying goals, mapping plans to attack those goals and having their very own breakthroughs as they meet with me for mentoring and coaching,…

Ep 46: The Coaching Corner #4 with L. Michelle Smith

I started my first agency with only two paychecks in the bank. That was my capital. Laughable to some, but I wasn’t even certain that I wanted to start a business. I “fell” into entreprenuership after deciding to freelance. I’d made VP before the age of 30. I was young. Why not? In short order, my staff and I would celebrate reaching our million dollar milestone. We weathered……

Expansion Means More for Your Brands, Personal and Corporate

  Friends, It’s a joy to spread my wings further, providing professional services in the corporate and agency realm. I wanted to share with you that no silos communications llc is expanding by popular demand to include strategic communications consulting as well as PR and Integrated Marketing counsel and execution. Surprise! The beauty in this venture is that it is a powerful combination with the leadership development consulting,…

What to do when you need more clients…yesterday.

  I wrote an open letter for an upcoming article in Black Enterprise because the U.S. Census reports that more black women are starting businesses than any other group; but unfortunately, very rarely are those businesses scaling to 7-figures.  One reason is because black women do not have the mentorship, sponsorship or access to capital like others; but I’ve found that sometimes, a little information can go a long…

Ep 40: Untangling the MYTHs of Networking with L. Michelle Smith

That live FREE on-air laser coaching happens on this episode, and it turns out that this marketing pro wants to hack a challenge she is having around networking.  Perfect timing, because this show also shares the replay of the Women’s Opera Networking webinar recently that covers off on the subject.  You’ll want to take notes.  We go deep.  My client walked away with a plan.  You should too.……

Great Day 1 of Business Coaching at The Black Enterprise FWD

Great day! Started slow, but I’m the queen of strategic pivots. Hit the cyber pavement and also asked the signup crew to broaden my coaching topic (people keep putting me in the marketing box and missing out on the small business maven) and BOOM—- multiple happy clients and a full docket for tomorrow!  Here are some broad-brush take aways from some sessions: 1) University Professor and Author looking…

Coach & Go! A la Carte Coaching is Here.

Yes, the #30MM a-la-carte consults have been sunset.  However, they’ve given way to a new coaching offering!  I’ve just introduced 60 Minute, a-la-carte coaching!! No matter your geography, if you are interested in basic #careercoaching or #businesscoaching for #entrepreneurs, you can book TODAY!  Sessions begin the last week of June, 2019.  BIZ COACHING  BASIC CAREER COACHING: 

Ep 34: Writing Your Own Ticket with Toure

If you haven’t figured out that you can’t get very far doing it alone, I’m here to tell you that it helps to have a robust personal board of directors specific to your journey. I won’t list everyone who is on my team, but this is one person who I not only want to share with you, but I need you to support his new podcast. Not the……

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