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Ep 51: #TakeMeBackTuesday: The Coaching Corner, #3 with L. Michelle Smith

I’m off today.  I’m still celebrating my birthday, but I wanted to take you back to one of my favorite episodes where a listener volunteered for laser coaching.  We also shared a replay of the Women’s Opera Network webinar on networking.  A rich discussion on both ends.  Enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window | Download Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Ep 50: Change Happens from the Inside Out, with Jeffrey L. Bowman

THIS IS META. Listen, this won’t be your surface conversation about D&I. This brother goes deep… and only the businesses who are serious about real change will even begin to understand where he’s coming from and how he is activating for real change. @jeffreylbowman and I see eye-to-eye on several things, and that is that real change starts from the inside out. Find out how his journey as……

Ep 49: Protected By Purpose with Dorinda Walker

Completely geeked to have this marketing legend on the show—fellow LEAD360 faculty member and downright world beater, Dorinda Walker You have GOT to hear her story. Talk about unprecedented resilience! It was a joy to discuss #blackwomensequalpayday, what happens when you brand shines too brightly for your employer and what really needs to happen at companies to ensure equity and inclusion… on tomorrow’s episode of The Culture Soup Podcast®️!……

Ep 48: #ThrowbackThursday: Writing, Speaking and Inspiring With Valorie Burton

This week, I dig into the crates to uncover a gem of a conversation between me and my girlfriend Valorie Burton.  It’s a throwback to Ep 17 in February.  It’s worth a revisit as you read her new book It’s About Time: Placing the Meaningful Over the Urgent.  Enjoy! Podcast: Play in new window | Download Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Ep 47: The NABJ Episode: A Lesson in Personal Branding from a Journalist

He’s a “Daddy on Duty 365” by day and a TV news anchor by night. I’m talking about Shannon LaNier, Houston’s CW39 main anchor, and I was so glad to see him again in Miami at #NABJ19. He’s being celebrated as a doting, dedicated but most importantly involved dad who captures his parenting shenanigans with is three beautiful kids while his wife works by day. Needless to say……

Ep 46: The Coaching Corner #4 with L. Michelle Smith

I started my first agency with only two paychecks in the bank. That was my capital. Laughable to some, but I wasn’t even certain that I wanted to start a business. I “fell” into entreprenuership after deciding to freelance. I’d made VP before the age of 30. I was young. Why not? In short order, my staff and I would celebrate reaching our million dollar milestone. We weathered……

Ep 45: Meet the Brandpreneur with Nick Nelson

Because I’m committed to getting YOUR brand right, you need to meet this guy, Nick F. Nelson, aka The BRANDPRENEUR. We go deep—on answering the question what problem you solve, to understanding your audience, to the power of images in telling your story. Nick is a fellow LEAD360 faculty member, and he hosted the Masterclass right next door to mine at this year’s Lead 360 Combine. Find out……

Ep 44: Work for the Culture and the Culture of Work with Natasha Bowman

When it’s the intersection of #workplace culture, #tech and business, you turn to “The Workplace Doctor” herself, Natasha Bowman, JD, SPHR. My fellow LEAD360 Faculty member joins me for a compelling conversation about tenacity in the face of staggering odds, how#MeToo and #TimesUp left some women out and how she navigated a collision between her personal brand and the corporate workplace that seemed to be working at first.……

Ep 43: #ThrowbackThursday Employee Advocacy with John Graham Jr.

We’re reaching back into the crates and pulling the most downloaded episode of all times with this employee advocacy guru, and my friend John Graham, Jr.  A special tribute to Jinja beverage company founder Reuben Canada is also included at the end of the episode.  RIP, Reuben, your friends, John and L Michelle. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Ep 42: Everything’s Negotiable with Jacqueline V. Twillie

The volume increased on the equal pay conversation with P&G’s sizable monetary gift to the champion US Women’s Soccer Team. But how does that impact hashtag#women in workplace? I asked my friend Jacqueline V. Twillie the question on this week’s episode. She is one of the warriors in the trenches everyday with professionals and companies trying to solve for the issue. She’s getting results. Find out how she……

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