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No Thanks on NBC5 DFW

I really enjoyed this conversation about my new book, No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself on NBC DFW today with Kristi Nelson and Sheryl Adkins-Green. Sheryl is one of the voices in the book. She speaks on what it takes to maintain your authenticity in an environment that may push back on it. Here is a look at the conversation. Audio and video were…

BONJORO: How an executive coach increased conversions by 10% on high-ticket sales

When you are talking about elite performers, from executives at CNN to leaders at Microsoft, where do they go when they hit a plateau? Typically we look to our organization’s leaders when we feel stuck… But what if you are the organization’s leader? Well, then you might just want to connect with L. Michelle Smith. L. Michelle is a pioneering executive coach, CEO of No Silos Communication and her accolades could fill…

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