Celebrating the opportunities in the storm

  My week has been amazing. First, so many of you wished me a happy birthday, and continue to. Thank you! As you know, the No Thanks hardcover was released worldwide on my birthday, so that was cause for celebration too! I’m especially loving how God turned down the thermostat, and the fall weather arrived, even in Texas. That said, the conversation that my new book is spurring, No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say…

Fake Eagles in the Midst?  You need a powerful Tribe, Sis.

    Did you know that there are small-minded people in very high places? You may have encountered one or two. They have self-serving motivations. They don’t understand you. Some don’t like you, simply because you soar with excellence. They will fool you. They smile at you, even have small talk in the elevator. As you are busy not minding the chickens in the coop, be aware that…

NSC Personal Brand Builder JetPack Group Coaching

Now may not seem like the right time to invest in your personal brand, but it is actually the EXACT time to do so. If the marketplace was competitive before, it’s 10xs more so.  With millions filing for unemployment, big businesses laying off and cutting back and no real end to the health crisis and economic unrest in sight. I’m a serial entrepreneur.  I launched my first agency…

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