Ep 35: Moving FWD with Black Enterprise with Alfred Edmond, Jr.

Black media is an American gem.  These outlets have delivered an important perspective and have served as the archives of our accomplishments.  There are only a few, national, black-owned publications out there.  One of the most noted, is Black Enterprise.  I bring on my friend Alfred Edmond Jr.  We’ve been friends for more than a decade…and yes, we met on Twitter.  We talk about the importance of legacies……

Ep 34: Writing Your Own Ticket with Toure

If you haven’t figured out that you can’t get very far doing it alone, I’m here to tell you that it helps to have a robust personal board of directors specific to your journey. I won’t list everyone who is on my team, but this is one person who I not only want to share with you, but I need you to support his new podcast. Not the……

Ep 33: Politically Speaking with Matt Stevens

Silly season arrived early, hasn’t it?  In fact, it came and never left in 2016.  I talk to my friend and political commentator Matt Stevens about what to look forward to in this upcoming election, how social media has changed the game completely, and the importance of having everyday people involved in the political dialogue.  It’s all about the culture of politics and what it takes to cover……

LMS on Fleishman Hillard Podcast #BackOf Napkin

Really rich conversation with Candace Peterson, global practice lead for consumer and brand for FleishmanHillard on their podcast #BackofNapkin about #personalbranding and #authenticity.  Thanks for having me! #executivecoach #businesscoach LISTEN:  

Ep 32: Owning The Influencer in You with Cher Jones

Did you know that you have influence? No, I didn’t confuse you with that person in your newsfeed who is always hashtagging the word “ad” in exchange for dollars from some brand. I’m telling you that you have social real estate…social capital that you should take seriously. Don’t want to take it from me? Take it from LinkedIn heavy-weight, social media trainer and personal branding expert Cher Jones.……

LMS on FH Back of Napkin Podcast

  This’ll be fun! I get to chop it up with FleishmanHillard’s global consumer marketing lead Candace Peterson on the agency’s podcast next week! Thank you for the invitation! They want to discuss authenticity in marketing. Should be a rich discussion! Glad to be a proud FH alumna. #coach #integratedmatketing

Ep 31: This Woman’s Work with Dr. Yolanda Bruce Brooks

  There is a woman behind the scenes, working with professional athletes as they navigate the various transitions–from college to pros–from pros to an afterlife in business–and she is a clinical psychologist. She also specializes in military transitions. This fascinating conversation with my friend Dr. Yolanda Bruce Brooks is worth a listen on Thursday. What can you learn from this discussion? You may be surprised. You won’t want……

Ep 30: Finding Value in the Backyard BBQ , with Bella Vasta

There’s money on Facebook.  Have you found it yet?  Folks swear by the FB groups.  Learn how to build your own FB Group funnel with small business expert Bella Vasta.  She’s been known to make a smooth 10K in less than two weeks with different techniques.  Also find out how the word NO is fuel for the real go-getters out there.  Are you one? Podcast: Play in new……

Ep 29: The Coaching Corner No. 1  with L. Michelle Smith

Calling all corporate and small business types: Your professional coach is in. Find out my why and my what, and tune in every 2nd Tuesday each month for The Coaching Corner.  I make a special offer on this broadcast.  How would you like to be coached, live on the show?  Take a listen. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Ep 28: Hacking Social Media’s Blurred Lines with Dr. Dina Strachan

THE FAKERY! Yes, the light drives out the darkness like authenticity drives out the falsities—- even on social media. Did you know that there are doctors who are not MDs trying to sell medical services? Did you know there are eye doctors taking derm patients? It’s a wonderful day to get butchered in the name of aesthetics if you aren’t looking out for yourself. Dr. Dina Strachan is……

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