When it’s time, you call family…

Just three days after establishing a really great speaker lead request form on the site, I realized that I needed a human touch.  I needed someone whom I trusted to put the human touch on handling my speaker outreach and closing those deals.  While I’ve had a few people approach me to see how they could support—good people too—all I could think of were the ones who made…

Honors Guest Lecture at TCU

I’m headed your way,  Texas Christian University Bob Schieffer School of Strategic Communicationy.  It’s time to go deep.  I’ll bring a PR case from my experience, and we’ll dissect how dialogic ethics could have improved results.  This is an honors course, so I plan to challenge your thinking.  Thank you Dr. Lambiase and Dr. English  for having me. See you there!

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Yes, the #30MM a-la-carte consults have been sunset.  However, they’ve given way to a new coaching offering!  I’ve just introduced 60 Minute, a-la-carte coaching!! No matter your geography, if you are interested in basic  career coaching or business coaching for entrepreneurs, you can book TODAY!