How to handle Mansplaining and Whitesplaning As it Happens

Mansplaining and Whitesplaining happen in broad daylight in rooms, virtual or not. There are witnesses. So how is it that so many people get away with it? Is anyone willing to step up and face this phenomenon head on? One of the main reasons why we don’t speak up for ourselves and others is because we don’t have a plan. Planning is your No. 1 way to tackle the…

Carve out some dedicated time for your goals once a day

  High performing executives are so busy killing it for everyone else, that many times they forget to direct that same energy into goals for themselves. Try carving out 20 minutes a day to focus on those things that will move you forward, and see what a difference it makes. Sign up for the NSC Spring Cleaning Group Coaching that kicks of Monday, April 12, 2021. We’ll take…

Ready to Refresh Your Leadership Aspirations and Get After It?

You cast the vision at the beginning of the year. Some of you even fasted and prayed over your desires to move forward and move up in business. How’s it going so far? By June, will you have met your halfway mark on your goals for 2021? If the answer is somewhat or no, I want to invite you to experience that will supercharge your efforts, removing the…

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