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There will be two tracks in the 2019 program. One geared toward mid-level professionals in corporate and another for entrepreneurs in years 3-5.  Topics covered will include a selection of the following based on demand.

  • Career planning
  • Leadership
  • Small Business Startup Planning
  • Topics in PR and Social Media
  • Starting a Podcast
  • Personal Branding
  • Networking & Business Relationship Building
  • Navigating Office Politics
  • Public Speaking
  • More…

Once your’ve applied, you will be informed of your acceptance into one of the two Cohorts by Dec, 30, 2018.  Free initial consult sessions will be scheduled thereafter, once your registration has been paid, and will begin within the first week of January 2019.

You will receive information on registration fees after you complete the application below.

As a member of my cohort, you get:

  • 1-Free 30 minute initial meet-and-greet alignment call
  • 30 minute 1-1 sessions by Skype monthly
  • 1 “Lifeline” text exchange or call  (15 min max)with the mentor per month
  • 2 mentoring circle conference calls/Hangouts per year with your interest group
  • Unlimited, exclusive group chat with your mentoring circle on GroupMe
  • Exclusive access to #30MinuteMentor tools and articles on lmichellesmith.com and via e-mail

Space is limited!  Only 5 mentees per cohort.  Booking only 2 Cohorts for 2019.

Try before you buy into the cohort?  One time consults are on sale between now and Dec 14 when the application window closes.  50% off is a steal!  Skip the app for now, and let’s get to work.  30 minute, pre-session consult is free before your actual session. Book your time with me  today.

  • #30MM One-Time Consult


    If you’ve asked someone to coffee that you admire or don’t know; if you’ve asked to pick their brain and wondered why the response was slow or non-existent…this offering is for you.  The #30MinuteMentor offers the trusted mentorship professionals need, in a safe space to seek guidance that will help them to grow into leaders.  As an added bonus, they will open their network to other mentees in…

Restrictions: Current mentees, employees of AT&T and family members of L. Michelle Smith are ineligible to apply and participate in the #30MM program. 

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