NSC Rockstar Leadership Small Biz Power Pack–6 Week Course (Subscription)

NSC Rockstar Leadership Small Biz Power Pack–6 Week Course (Subscription)

$150.00 / week for 6 weeks

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What if you could power up your leadership positioning so that you can propel forward to scale and grow despite the current environment.

It takes a special combination of strategies. It’s an approach that I took while leading as a serial entrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, this course has valuable, applicable and actionable insights for you to take you to your next.  What if you could receive a webinar, audio cast or masterclass once a week with award-winning elite communicator and certified executive coach L. Michelle Smith right in your email box.  On demand content will be right at your fingertips.  You will also receive digital content and tools to compliment your courses and certified personal & executive coaching.

Here are topics you’ll learn about in engaging 30-minute and some hour-long sessions:

  • Get More Clients Fast
  • NSC Small Biz Covid-19 Recovery
  • Un-Networking for Those Who Hate the Other Word
  • Resilience in the Age of Covid-19
  • How to Intentionally Assemble and Activate Your Tribe
  • Executive Presence: Rock the Platform

During your final week, you will also receive, one 1:1, 50-minute coaching session with LMS.

You will also receive bonus content throughout that compliments each session.

When you’ve completed this course, you will have shifted your mindset about how to approach growing your business, and you’ll be ready to push your goals forward in ways you never imagined.

Are you ready?

The course begins June 15, 2020.


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