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It’s time your employees, faculty & students, conference goers, meeting or event attendees leaned in, lingered another hour to meet the messenger and left your meeting buzzing with actionable, practical takeaways and humming a hip hop tune. L. Michelle Smith graced 30 stages big and small last year and she’s ready to rock another in 2020 for you. Her calendar fills quickly, so make your request today!

Her why is simply this…

Because this new, fractured digital age demands it…

Since the coronavirus crisis and the tipping off of a global civil rights movement and because companies are scaling down like never before…

Because you need cultural intelligence as much as you need emotional intelligence as well as an entrepreneurial mindset to be successful in business these days…and companies need transformational leaders…

L. Michelle Smith has developed distinct strategies that women, women of color and under represented groups must do now to thrive in business.  Many of them are outlined in her latest best-selling book, No Thanks: 7 Ways to Say I’ll Just Include Myself. Why?

Catalyst research calls us double outsiders, navigating issues of gender and of race. Make no mistake, this message is indeed for everyone, because, LMS asserts that if you can solve for women of color, you can solve for anyone.

Because in business, she has lived it, and through her private practice, she is coaching and training an army of transformational entrepreneurs, intraprenuers and “extraprenuers” to wield weapons of mass innovation. She is also spreading this message on her extremely popular show, The Culture Soup Podcast®️ where she can also arrange to broadcast your event to her global audience.

Signature Message

Her signature message is how to be a rockstar leader or brand that thrives at the intersection of tech, culture and business-and owning your pathway to smashing that goal.

It mixes tenants of performance excellence, personal branding, power relationship building, authenticity and more to own one’s career, one’s journey and one’s brand so that she can create the opportunities that manifest choices, when it counts most.

Topics that can be explored within this platform include, but aren’t limited to

Lead Like a Rockstar: Flipping Privilege

Leaderships Best Kept Secret: CQ

The Outside-In Approach to Leadership

Navigating No: How Women of Color Can Rise to Executive Ranks Despite the Obstacles 

Leading Through Change

Preparing for What’s Next After Covid-19

Leading Through the Movement (Cultural Intelligence)

Resilience in the Age of Covid-19

The Authentic Leadership Imperative

Un-Networking for Those That Hate The Other Word

Power Relationship Building

Creating Content that Sells

Building & Activating Your Tribe

Confronting Microaggressions

Understanding and Communicating Your Value

Owning Your Personal Brand

Communicating like a BOSS

Powering Your Executive Presence in the Digital Age

Wielding Weapons of Mass Innovation

The Case for Culture in Technology

The Case for Culture in Marketing

Elevate and Empower YOU

Fondly referred to as “The Oprah of Dallas,” L. Michelle Smith has appeared as a guest lecturer and keynote speaker at several universities across the U.S as well as some of the largest stages and platforms across multiple industries at conferences, corporations and large scale events.  But her value isn’t simply on the platform.  She leverages her influence on her robust social networks, her global podcast and relationships with national business publications to amplify the engagement.

If you are interested in having L. Michelle charge up your next event and light up the platform,  please fill out the speaker request form, and someone will be in touch very soon.

For more topics that live within her signature platform, visit her coaching page.  Submit your speaker request right away.  Download her speaker sheet.

Social Media Amplification

No upcoming shows scheduled

Recent Engagements

  • D CEO Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Symposium, Closing Keynote
  • NABJ Authors’ Showcase, Fireside chat with USA Today Business Reporter
  • Response Media Leading with Better Communication, 2021
    AT&T Legal’s Mental Health & Wellness Lunch N Learn: Change Better, 2021
  • Sisters in Higher Education #SIHE Summit, Opening Speaker, 2021
  • Nosh & Notes Bookclub Book Chat
  • Women of AT&T Black History Month Keynote Speaker,  2021
  • PMG Agency No Thanks Author Event, Keynote, 2021
  • Capital One EmpowHer International Women’s Day Panelist, 2021
  • Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Media, Communication & Global Leadership Class, Guest Lecturer, 2021
  • The NETwork National C.A.F.E. Conversations: #NoThanks Author Event, Speaker, 2020
  • National Alliance of Musical Theaters Fall Conference Opening Keynote, 2020
  • FH Mosaic: Kill the Whisper Fireside Chat, 2020
  • AT&T/WNBA Changemakers: She’s Connected Series, Panelist, 2020
  • DEITECH, featured breakout speaker, 2020
  • The 10K Project’s Building Black Wealth, Fireside Chat, 2020
  • Goldman Sachs/DCCCC: Small Business Advice for Weathering Covid-19
  • Diversity in Action: Moving from Middle Management to the C-Suite, Panelists, 2020
  • D CEO Women’s Leadership Symposium, Breakout Session, Facilitator, 2020
  • BRAND-AID: Content That Sells Webinar, Keynote, 2020
  • Executive Leadership Council, eLearning Series, Webinar Keynote, 2020
  • Opera America Global Conference, Panelist, 2020
  • The DEC Mompreneur Online Event, Keynote, 2020
  • Medgar Evers College of Business CUNY, Keynote, 2020
  • University of North Texas, Careers in Crisis, Fireside Chat, 2020
  • Howard University, Resilience During Covid-19, Guest Lecturer, 2020
  • Temple University, Journalism and Entrepreneurship, Guest Lecturer, 2020
  • NABJ Media Related COVID-19 and Crisis Communications, Panelist, 2020
  • PMG Agency WE Collective, Panelist, 2020
  • Lane College Leadership Conference, Keynote, 2020
  • D CEO Magazine Women’s Leadership Breakfast Series, Panelist 2019
  • Omega Alpha Omega, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Incorporated MIP Luncheon, EmCee, 2019
  • TCU Bob Schieffer College of Communications, Guest Lecturer, 2019
  • Women’s Leadership Symposium, Panelist, 2019
  • StyleCON Social Summit Dallas, Panelist, 2019
  • Wilberforce University, Emerging Entrepreneurs Panel & Roundtable, 2019
  • Lane College, Student Leadership Keynote, 2019
  • Texas Conference for Women, Breakout Session EmCee, 2019
  • Texas Conference for Women, Fireside Chat with Sheryl Adkins Green, CMO Mary Kay, 2019
  • Opera America Global Marketing Forum, Keynote, 2019
  • Mayborn School of Journalism, University of North Texas, Guest Lecture, 2019
  • American Marketing Association—Wichita, Keynote, 2019
  • Pluralsight LIVE, Keynote & Fireside Chat, 2019
  • NABJ Convention & Career Fair, Panelist, 2019
  • Dallas Maverick’s HQs, Workshop, 2019
  • MAC3 One-Day Conference, Keynote, 2019
  • LEAD360 Combine, Masterclass and Women’s Executive Forum, 2019
  • TCU Non-Profit Communicators Conference, Keynote  Panelist, 2019
  • Women’s Opera Network, Webinar Keynote, 2019
  • LEAD360, Webinar Keynote, 2019
  • INNOTECH: Women In Tech, Panelist, 2019
  • Lane College Leadership Conference, Keynote and Fireside Chat, 2019
  • Hidden Figures of Sports, Black Sports Professionals of North Texas, Panel Moderator, 2019
  • AT&T HiDef Executive Symposium, Presenter and Moderator, 2019
  • TCU Bob Schieffer College of Communications Guest Lecture, 2019
  • Fireside Chat with AA Leaders, The Network National ERG, AT&T, 2019
  • TCU Bob Schieffer College of Communications, Guest Lecturer, 2019
  • DFW Urban League Young Professionals, Panelist, 2019
  • UNT Mayborn School of Journalism, Guest Lecturer, 2019
  • PowHer Moves Conference, Speaker, 2019
  • Retail and Customer Service Communications All Hands Meeting (AT&T), keynote speaker, 2018
  • Women of AT&T Mentoring Circle, speaker, 2018
  • Texas Christian University, Bob Schieffer Communications College, Honors PR Cases and Dialogics, Guest Lecturer, 2018
  • OASIS National Banquet,  panelist 2018
  • Essence Music Festival, Path to Power Pod host, 2018
  • TCU Nonprofit Communicators Conference, opening keynote, 2018
  • AT&T Global Marketing Organization Town hall/simulcast, speaker, 2018
  • The National Association of Black Journalists Convention Technology Newsmaker Plenary co-moderator with ABC News’ Linsey Davis, 2018
  • The National Association of Black Journalists Convention Innovation Bubble, keynote, 2018
  • Black Enterprise Women of Power, After Hours with Chaka Pilgrim, host/moderator, 2018
  • Dinner on Us, Harlem w/Tier I broadcast news personalities, keynote, 2018
  • AT&T Global Marketing Organization, Creativity town hall, panelist, 2017
  • Spotify HQ (Brand Innovator), keynote and fireside chat, 2017
  • Kellogg’s HQ (Brand Innovator), keynote and fireside chat, 2017
  • Brinker International HQ, (Brand Innovator) keynote and fireside chat, 2017
  • The Network ERG Speed Networking event, keynote and facilitator 2017
  • SXSW (Brand Innovator), panelist, 2017
  • The National Opera Conference, keynote 2017
  • Wunderman, NY (Brand Innovator), keynote and fireside chat, 2017
  • ColorComm Dallas, panelist, 2017
  • PRSA Dallas/Brinker International, keynote, 2017
  • Horowitz Cultural Insights Forum, 2017
  • OgyGEN ERG Mentoring Session, keynote, 2017
  • HACEMOS ERG Latina Networking Summit, 2017
  • The Network ERG MLK Day Simulcast and Town hall at AT&T, host 2017
  • Masterclassing Digital Marketing, Dallas, keynote 2017
  • TCU Social Media Convergence Conference, keynote, 2017
  • National Black Public Relations Society, National Conference, Chicago, panelist, 2017
  • Blogging While Brown: State of the Digital Space, Keynote 2016
  • Howard University Social Media Conference, keynote, 2016
  • PRSA International Conference, keynote, 2016
  • AT&T ERG Conference, Brainstorm Facilitator, 2016
  • Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit, panelist, 2016
  • Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit, panelist, 2016

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