What’s Cooking in My Studio This Week

Hey, everyone! We are about finished editing Episode 3 with social media for social good guru Chris Strub; but this week, we’ll speak with Eva Green Wilson, of®. She is an award-winning parenting blogger and a speaker. Eva is a wife, mother of 3, author, illustrator and recent graduate at Howard School of Law. Her blog posts have been featured on, and republished in b3 Caribbean Magazine (print and…

‘A Seat At Luvvie’s Table’ Was An Opportunity For Black Women To Be Reaffirmed

By Luvvie Ajayi for Huffington Post This piece was originally published on My resistance coping tactic is to surround myself with Black women. One thing that was re-affirmed to me after November 8 is that if I can’t count on anyone else, I can ALWAYS count on Black women. So since then, I’ve enveloped myself in a blanket woven by the love of sisters. Sisters. From blood…

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