ELC: Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work as a Black Woman– Unpacked

March 7, 2018 ELC Institute Fellow L. Michelle Smith pens an article for BlackEnterprise.com titled, “Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work as a Black Woman – Unpacked.” The article features a Q&A with four high-powered black female executives, all of whom are ELC members, each giving their perspectives on what it takes to bring your authentic self to work as a black woman in the workplace. Smith’s Q&A…

5 Tried-and-True Ways to Build Great Business Relationships

(Image: iStock/mapodile) Building business relationships that will propel your career does not come naturally to most. Face it: superficial networking leaves some professionals wondering what could be a better use of their time. What is required in building great business relationships is having great people skills. Before you say to yourself, “I have that,” are you wondering what to do with all the business cards you’ve collected? Does LinkedIn still have…

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