5 Keys to Thriving (not just surviving) in Strategic Communications for Journalists Wondering How to Get the Best PR Gigs

Returning to the National Association of Black Journalists Convention this year was exciting because for the first time since joining a student chapter at the age of 18, I was invited to sit on a panel to speak.  When the organizer and I spoke, we agreed that this wouldn’t be the same PR panel that happens each year–the dialogue that talks about transitioning from journalism to PR with a…

Black Journalism Veterans Share Tips on Powerful Storytelling
The energy at this year’s National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) convention was palpable, but it was noticeably different than in years past. What made the difference? There was a deliberate focus on the power of tech to not only drive powerful storytelling, but to also liberate a profession that has typically been tethered to news desks. It was four days to consider the possibilities of media ownership,…

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