Shhh… hear that?  It’s the sound of progress

  Shhh… hear that? It’s the sound of progress. When Abby West (she/her) worked for the likes of People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly and Essence, you couldn’t have told her that one day she would be leading the charge for digital audio content for creators of color at one of the most cutting-edge content and tech companies on the planet. In fact, like most of us, back then, she…

CULTURE SOUP PODCAST LIVE: October 28, 2021 at 3:30 CT

It’s been a while, but the show will stream LIVE this afternoon, and I would love for you to join me! Let’s talk about what it takes to set a goal and then systematically smash it. Bring your leadership dreams and aspirations with you and let’s hack them. I’ll speak on the topic, have a series of journal prompts, and take your Q&A Live on this special broadcast…

EP 159: What’s Really Behind “The Great Resignation”?

  Does your workplace culture smell? It just might, and it didn’t just happen. There’s been a lot of conversation about why people are quitting their jobs. In fact, you know that I choose to refer to it as The Great Opt Out because what The Great Resignation ignores is the insight that people have more options than ever, thanks to the democratization of the Internet. I took…

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