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Are you controlling?

Are you controlling? Is someone trying to control you? If you are a woman, chances are that the answer could be “both-and.” In today’s episode of The Culture Soup Podcast®, we explore this idea, and it’s interactive with journaling prompts throughout. Ready to get coached? I take you through 5 journaling prompts throughout today’s discussion on this episode, and you will be able to explore why you may…

3 Things to Expect and 3 Hacks for Launching Your Podcast

After much consideration, I finally decided to launch a podcast to share the great conversations and stories of well-known thought leaders and some emerging ones whom I can very proudly call friends. Podcasts have become wildly popular these days, so I’ve thrown my hat into the ring. The Culture Soup Podcast launched Thursday, Oct. 25, and it is available on all the popular podcast platforms. I gave myself a…

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